Random Cam Story:

 It was just a normal night for my wife, Hazel and I. She was sitting at the desk top playing games and I was on the laptop working on some files. This was the way we usually spent our evenings lately. Suddenly the MSN messenger pinged into life. It was a friend that we had both been talking to for about a month and he was due to pay us a visit in the next few weeks.
I think at this point I should give you a bit of a insight into our lives. I am in my mid sixties and my wife is eighteen months older and, despite our advanced years we have a pretty full and hectic sex life. We're members of several adult contact sites and an adult picture posting site. My wife still has a figure that turns heads and after posting several sets of lingerie shoots on the picture site we received a lot of messages from guys and couples who wanted to meet us. We tried meeting couples but soon decided that meeting single guys was more fun for both of us. I enjoyed seeing Hazel fucked by well endowed men and she enjoyed the attention of two guys. We had met a few single guys and both agreed that this was the best road to go down. We were pretty selective with who we met, sticking to men over fifty and laid down a few ground rules, one of which was that we wouldn't get involved in web cam sex.
Anyway back to the action. I began talking to John, the messenger contact, and things were going as they they normally went. Just polite chat, nothing sexy. The lap top and the desk top are linked, so I asked Hazel if she wanted to join in the conversation. She did, although a little reluctantly, she doesn't like her games interrupted. The chat continued in the normal vein, until John asked Hazel what she was wearing. Now as I said, it was a normal night and Hazel was just wearing her normal day clothes. Trousers, jumper and plain cotton panties. The conversation was getting a bit hotter now, as John typed that he was imagining her in some of the outfits she wore on some of the photo shoots and he had his cock out and was wanking at the thought of her.
Hazel suddenly got up and marched out of the room. I thought she was upset at Johns comments but five minutes later she returned to the lounge. My jaw dropped. She had changed into one of her posing outfits, red bra and pantie set with stockings and suspenders, all covered by her short satin robe. She sat back down at the computer and began to describe to John what she was wearing. Going into precise detail of how her nipples were hard inside her bra and telling him how wet her pussy was thinking of him with his cock out. This was new for of us, she'd never done this before and I was surprised she was doing it now. John typed again, asking if Hazel would like to see him wanking his cock. I was gob smacked when she typed back that she would. Almost immediately an invite to view Johns cam popped up on-screen. I looked across at Hazel, who nodded back. Seconds later, Johns image came into focus. At first all we could see was his top half, but as he pushed his chair back both Hazel and gasped. We'd never seen John's cock, all he'd sent was regular type photo's and a couple of him in his boxers. Now we were watching him sitting with his fist was wrapped around his cock and it was big, no more than big, it was huge. I guessed it to be a good ten inches long as as thick as Hazel's wrist.
I watched as Hazel let her robe slip open and her hand strayed down between her legs. John obviously couldn't type and Hazel had other things on her mind so I took over the description of what Hazel was doing. We could both see that John was getting more excited as I described Hazel's fingers stroking her pussy through her panties. John suddenly shot forward and I could see that he was typing something. I wasn't at all surprised when his message popped up on the screen. “Wish I could see,” he typed. I looked at Hazel and she again nodded. I clicked on the invite to view our cam and John accepted straight away. He pushed his chair back again and I could see his eyes glued to his screen.
Hazel was now rubbing her fingers up and down over her pussy lips, which were still covered by her satin panties. She looked at me, smiled and crooked her finger, beckoning me towards her. Not knowing what to expect, I stood up and crossed the room. She looked up at me and smiled again. “Let's give John some idea of what to expect, when he finally gets here,” she laughed. Her next move really took me by surprise. She reached out and began to stroke my already hard cock through my pants. I looked at her monitor screen. John was wanking his cock vigorously.
Both Hazel and I were watching John intently and saw him mouth the words, “oh fuck yes.” Hazel slowly lowered my zip and eased my cock out of my pants. Johns hand was blur, as it flashed up and down his shaft. Hazel looked directly at the web-cam and licked her lips. I knew what was coming next and tensed as I felt her hot breath on my knob then the indescribable feeling of her soft lips engulfing it. I fought to keep my eyes open to see Johns reaction. I stood still, my cock buried in Hazel's mouth as she moved her head backwards and forwards sliding her lips up and down my shaft. I knew I wasn't going to last long and the thought of John watching us only increased the tension. Hazel's head was at an awkward angle as she sucked my cock while trying to watch the monitor. She removed her lips from around my cock and teased the eye of my knob with her tongue. I knew I was seconds from shooting my load and tried to push myself back into the warmth of her mouth but she held me back and when I finally did come, my seed shot all over her face and neck.
This was too much for John and we saw his eyes close and his cock jerk and a jet of his own cumm shot upwards followed by another then another. He seemed to be coming forever. Finally we saw his eruption slow down and he seemed to collapse into his chair. He sat there for several minutes, we could see his chest rising and falling as he returned to normality. When he had calmed down some, he pushed his chair forward and we saw him typing. “That was amazing, Hazel,” he said, “I can't wait till it's my cock that you're sucking.” Hazel smiled up at me, all three of us knew it wouldn't be long before his wish came true!!!

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